Organic Waste Yard


2200 Greenwood Street


The  Town of Yorktown has "closed the loop on recycling" with the  collection, processing and giving-back of organic yard waste.  The Organic Yard Waste Facility is available, without charge, to  Yorktown residents delivering organic yard waste in vehicles without  commercial license plates. Proof of residency is required. In addition,  residents can help themselves to wood chips. This facility is also the  depot for biodegradable paper leaf bags, branches, logs and Christmas  trees collected by Yorktown's Refuse & Recycling, Parks and  Highway  Departments. 

Residents can bring their tree branches, logs (max 3' x 2'), leaves and grass clippings to: Yorktown's Organic Yard Waste Facility 2200 Greenwood Street WEATHER PERMITTING, the facility will be open: 7:30 am - 2:45 pm Monday - Friday (April 10 - mid November) 7:30 am - 2:45 pm Saturdays (mid April - mid November) ****Please note the facility is closed on holiday weekends and on weekday holidays observed  by the Town. The facility is closed on the following holidays: Memorial  Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Election Day, Veterans  Day and Thanksgiving weekend*******   

VEHICLES WITH COMMERCIAL PLATES must purchase a "ONE DAY PERMIT" to obtain entry to the Yard Waste Facility: Yorktown Residents who hire a lawn, landscaping or tree service must  purchase a "One Day Permit" for their landscaper to dispose of organic  yard waste from their property. Please note: logs larger than 3' x 4'  will not be accepted at the yard. Permits can be purchased at the Refuse  & Recycling office. The fee is based on the vehicle size and is  valid for one trip on the specified date. Yorktown residents who OWN a vehicle with commercial  plates must purchase a "One Day Permit" which provides two delivery  loads on the specified date. Fee is based on vehicle size. "One Day Permits" can be purchased by Yorktown residents at the  Refuse & Recycling Department, 2279 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights  (behind the Police Station/Town Court). The office is open from 8 am - 4  pm Monday - Friday (closed on Town holidays). When purchasing a "One Day Permit" residents must provide the make,  model, license plate number and color of the vehicle making the  delivery, as well as the name of the contractor if permit is being  purchased for a landscaper. Permits must be presented to the yard attendant to gain access to the Yard Waste Facility! 

Permit Fee Schedule:         

  $ 38.00  Pick-up Truck                                            

 $ 75.00 6-wheel Low-Boy Dump Truck                                             

$ 90.00 6-wheel "Mitsubishi" style Dump Truck   

$ 40.00 TRAILERS (up to 10')

$ 60.00 TRAILERS (11' to 16')

$ 70.00 TRAILERS (17' to 20')

$ 95.00 TRAILERS (21' to 25')

$ 125.00 TRAILERS (26' to 30')

Please call 245-4438 for additional information or questions.