Con Ed Gas Project


Four Year Project from 2017 to 2021

Over the next four years, Con Edison will be proactively repairing a gas main that could become "leak prone" over the coming years.  The work has started on Gomer Street and will continue up Granite Springs Road to Broad Street.  From Broad Street the work will continue to Route 35, Commerce Street and finally Hanover Street.  Yorktown Highway will be monitoring progress and Yorktown P.D. will be handling any road closures or detours (should Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli deem them justifiable).

What this Project Means to Our Residents

Our residents can expect delays during months that the project is ongoing.  The project will cease during the winter months due to snow removal.  Upon completion, Con Ed will be paving all of the affected roads as well as any affected drainage.

Contact Con Ed

Please report any concerns or issues for this project directly to Con Edison at:


or at:

Should you have a damage claim that you feel was caused by this project, please contact Con Ed at: